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TapRoute Urban Gardens is a market gardening project created by Gloria Iacono in spring 2019. We grow produce on several sites in South Minneapolis and are guided by a vision of increasing food accessibility, strengthening local food systems, reducing food waste and regenerating land in urban areas.

Gloria has been working in small scale organic agriculture since 2016 and also has a background in small business administration, order fulfillment and web management. By combining these skills with her passion for sustainability and environmental justice, she is able to offer a new way for people to access fresh healthy food.

About the Virtual Market:

TapRoute's virtual farmers market is like a physical farmers market but, unlike a physical farmers market, produce is harvested to order eliminating the waste that occurs when items that have already been harvested don’t end up selling. Best of all, we bring the market to you by offering home delivery. This is not only convenient but is an intentional way of addressing accessibility to fresh, local food.


This model also reduces food waste by offering individual items instead of a subscription method, such as CSA (community supported agriculture). This way, customers can decide which items they get and can buy in the quantities they are able to use. Also, unlike CSA, there is no large upfront cost which is often a barrier to accessibility.

Although physical farmers markets and CSA are both wonderful models that TapRoute participates in, the virtual farmers market serves to fill in the gaps and create a new avenue for access to fresh healthy food within our community.


Lastly, did I mention we deliver by bike? Although the amount of fossil fuel we would use delivering by car would be negligible compared to that of our current food system, which unnecessarily transports produce all around the world, choosing this method of delivery symbolizes our commitment to regenerating our bodies and our earth. Also, bikes are super cool.

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