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2022 CSAs Available!


Thank you so much for your interest in Taproute's third season of CSA! Here's what you can expect throughout the season:

Spring/Early summer (June-mid July)

Crisp cold hearty greens such as spinach, salad mix, head lettuce, kale and swiss chard. A few roots such as beets, radishes and hakurei salad turnips. We've also been experimenting with overwintering carrots so there's a chance these will be available early for us this year. Fingers crossed!

Mid to Late Summer: (Mid July - Mid September)

In addition to the mainstays such as kale, chard, beets and radishes, we'll have the hot weather fruits coming in - tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and summer squash.


This year we are also offering a cut flower add on from local flower grower Quail and Loon. Sign up for 6-8 weeks of beautiful bouquets from July-August!

More about CSA

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to get a regular variety of nutrient dense, fresh produce and works well for people who like to cook creatively and seasonally. If you are someone who enjoys cooking and eats a wide variety of vegetables, this is the way to go.

It's great for the grower as well. Growing produce has many variables and unpredictable factors such as weather events or losses due to pest problems. CSA is a way for the grower and the community to share the benefits and the risks.

TapRoute offers produce grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Produce is grown on five sites in South Minneapolis using a no-till, small plot intensive style of growing. Additionally, we strive to have our gardens be diverse and healthy ecosystems in and of themselves. We are committed not only to producing fresh and nutrient dense food for our customers, but also to being responsible stewards in our growing practices.

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