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Garden Update!

The month of August always brings me a complex combination of feelings. Am I tired? Yes. I'm definitely feeling the cumulative effects of so many long days and I know so much is left to do before the season ends in just a few short months. I have one more round of planting - collards, fall lettuce, overwintered onions, garlic, and a cover crop of peas and oats before frost. This will help with retaining nutrients in the soil as well as increase its fertility next season, meaning less inputs from me in both time and money. I'm also planning to experiment with overwintering carrots this year which I'm super excited about. I'll be testing the success of different seeding times as well as the effect that mulching has.

This is also the time when I can really see my efforts paying off; caprese salads on the regular, blooming flowers, fruiting fruits, a recent seeding of radishes coming along quickly in the warm weather and the kale is waist high.

Of course, it's also the time I find myself saying "next year" to many things. So many plans for future seasons including two new sites (doubling my growing space) and fruit trees that I will be rooting from cuttings this fall/winter.

Things are going great at Farm Farm, my day job. The days are long but rewarding. We have onions as far as the eye can see and daily visits from members of the local wildlife.

I've also been working farmers markets occasionally at Mississippi mushrooms. It's a little hard to get to but worth checking out if you haven't been there. Their mushrooms are delicious and you can also take a tour of their impressive facility which is working toward not only being a waste free business but having a net positive energy use through their use of renewable energy sources, compost, and biodigesters (using off gases from decaying organic matter to generate energy). Really cool!

Mississipi Mushrooms Mini Market

The home garden ain't bad either. The main bed is a shared space with my neighbors that's filled in nicely over the season with eggplant, tomatoes, kohlrabi, shishito peppers and tons of herbs and flowers. I always tend to have several potted herbs going on as well - rosemary, thyme, oregano, purple and green basils and I just seeded some dill and cilantro cause why not?

Thanks for reading and for all your support!


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